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5 Steps to Find Trusted Movers and Packers in UAE

5 Steps to Find Trusted Movers and Packers in UAE

Are you planning to relocate to any of the vibrant and progressing cities of the UAE? Do you want to make your shifting smooth and easy? There would be a lot of questions in your mind like how much movers Abu Dhabi price is? and how to find the best movers and packers in the UAE. You just think of these questions and you start getting a lot of stress. A house move is a daunting task. It can be the most tiring experience of your life. There are tens of physical and financial challenges waiting for you while shifting your home from one place to another. Furthermore, your emotional attachments with your previous location and items also cause so many worries for you. You want to take everything with you but you think of a lot of money and effort required to perform this task. For this reason, getting help from professional movers and packers is inevitable for you to reduce your stress. 

Where Can I Find Movers and Packers

There are numerous ways to find a good moving company for your relocation but the first thing is to know about your new location in the UAE.

If you’re moving to the UAE for work, you are definitely heading to Dubai. Dubai is full of the wonder of the world and surely the business hub of the country. If your purpose is to live in the UAE in relatively cheaper accommodation then you should opt for cities like Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah or Fujairah. But whatever reason you have and wherever you want to move in UAE, the primary question is: How to find movers and packers in Dubai or all over UAE?

4 Easy Ways to find movers and packers

1. Online search: Mostly authentic & trusted movers and packers show a good online presence and an online search ‘Best Movers in UAE‘ or ‘Packers and movers in Abu Dhabi‘ or ‘Movers in Ajman‘ can throw up your desired results.

2. Printed Advertisements: Some moving companies advertise through their flyers and brochures in their service areas. So before shifting to your new location, you can look around for the movers near your new location. You can also speak to the security staff in your building, or the community management staff if you live in a villa to help you find the contact details of these companies.

3. Newspapers: Professional moving companies also advertise their moving services in newspapers. You can get some good leads from newspapers to write some names among your list of best movers and packers in the UAE.

4. Word of mouth: Above all, you can always speak to your friends and family already living in the locality where you are shifting for a suggestion about a moving company.

After finding getting details of some good moving companies, now its time to decide about the best of them. Here are 5 steps to find the best movers and packers in the UAE.

1.    Get Free Moving Quotes

A professional Moving company will have a free quote form on their website. You can fill in the details of your stuff to move to get a free estimate about the cost of your relocation. Some companies may offer you a free survey to better understand your moving items and hence to provide you with the best possible price. In this way, you can provide information about your move as detailed as possible. Your detailed information will surely help your movers to get a better estimate of your shifting cost which will ultimately reduce your moving charges.

2.    Compare multiple quoted prices

Don’t just settle with the quoted price from one moving company. Get at least 3 different quotations from movers and packers Ras al Khaimah or movers and packers Sharjah, whatever region you are currently moving in. It’s important to compare quotes along with the services they offer. Have a keen eye on any hidden charges and surprises especially on the moving day which you surely want to avoid. 

3.    Beware from fake professionals

Watch out for some red flags while receiving quotes from movers. There are many movers and packers who are disguised as professional movers. If you will ask them about their license & abilities to perform different moving services, they seem unable to answer your questions. You should say a big no to them. You may also notice that the quote they provided seems weird because they’d provide unusually low or unusually high quote prices as compared to legitimate movers. You should also keep in mind that most professional and trusted house movers have their own trucks & team.  

4.    Check reviews & Online presence

Internet is an amazing medium where you can check any entity person/company for their good or bad aspects. In the case of movers and packers, you can check their reviews, online presence means how their website is ranked when you search them, etc. You should read positive and negative reviews about a moving company in order to decide about them. Reading negative reviews will give you the chance to know what the moving company did to resolve the issue they had faced.

5.    Assessment of the Capabilties

 When you finally shortlist potential movers for your relocation, it’s a good idea to contact them and ask some important questions. Some good example questions are given as;
1. Is your moving company registered/licensed?
2. In how many emirates of the UAE do you operate?
3. For how many years have they been in this business?
4. Do they have their own truck and labor as well?

Bonus Tip
To verify that the company you are dealing with is registered with the economic department, you can search for the company on the Abu Dhabi Economic department website here and the Dubai Economic Department website here.

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